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Community Gobar Gas Plant

The key agricultural / farmer problems: - Fertilizer companies like Dhanuka Agritech are doing a great marketing and making it easily available for farmers. With the increasing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the land all across India is loosing its natural minerals and nutrients and increasingly getting dependent on Fertilizers which are expensive and do not do good to the soil. It temporarily increases the production but for the next season the soil is almost dead / barren.   Now even if the farmers want to use cow dung based organic slurry, they are unable to source it as most of the farmers have sold their cattle to the cattle smugglers sending cattle to Bangladesh for slaughter and beef.   The cattle is to human ratio is alarmingly low and further reducing every day with the human population increasing and cattle reducing. Hence there is a huge gap in demand and supply of pure organic milk. This leading to massive adulteration and India becoming the cancer capital of t

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